Copay and/or Deductible: Varies according to insurance 

Self-Pay Psychiatric Evaluation: $200.00

Self-Pay Medication Management: $75.00

Self-Pay Psychotherapy: $150.00


Failure to Keep Appointment: $60.00 

**  Please contact our office 24 hours in advance if you are not able to

keep your appointment as the failure to keep fee is $60.00.

This applies to phone as well as face-to-face appointments

Copy of Medical Record: $25.00;

if over 25 pages an additional $0.50 per page applies

Letters: $25-$50.00

Insurance Paperwork: $25.00

Social Security Disability

Reporting: $550.00(full report) $275.00 (questionnaire)

TDI Paperwork: $10.00